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Royal Ceramica
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A long 30 years of hard working on the field of ceramic market,we finally achieve our target to merge our imagination & experience on "Royal Ceramica" tiles which are the elements of "Kingdom of beauty"

T his project is the result of many years of consulting, studying, planning & processing of high qualified group of consultant engineers & designers.

W e founded our production on the most important philosophy on the market which is -QUALITY – that leaded us to choose the first & the biggest producer of the technology all over the world "SACMI Imola Co." to supply us the know how of the highest quality of production, consequently, we nominate our suppliers from hundreds of raw materials companies- the biggest - to provide us with the finest high quality materials produced on that field.

W e beleive that of: "No Impossible" So we co-operate together to produce this kind of pearls on the "Kingdom of Beauty"with the maximum efforts of our team "headquarter, engineers, administrators,technicians & workers" spending with the faith to see the dream became fact.

A ll this efforts showed the Egyptian producer's manners to create and introduce what can compete with world wide productions on our industry, trying to prove our willingness to reach the leadership on our field.

Therefore, on behalf of "Royal Ceramica" team I present our productionto all those believes on the combination of creation & beauty through thisharmony of sketches lead you to the endless emotions of happy times on the most luxuries "Kingdom of Beauty"

Head Office Factories

El Obour City - First Industrial Zone - Block 13034

Tel: +202 610 2080/81 +202 610 2940/41

Fax: +202 610 2082

Email: info@royalceramica.com


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