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Export Council for

Building Materials Magazine

Benaa - Volume 2

Export Council for

Building Materials Magazine

Benaa - Volume 1


 Word of the Chairman

Our goal is to develop a system to increase the egyption exports of construction materials, minerals and refractories. The past years have witnessed a great development in the exports of all sectors of the Council and we are working on the development of these exports through professional and technical support for all sectors and in collaboration with the program of modernization of industries and with the Export Development Fund through the Subsidy programs  for exporters, which would encourage and increase the exports.


.                            نموذج تحديث بيانات الشركات اعضاء المجلس

علي الساده أعضاء المجلس التصديري لمواد البناء استيفاء نموذج تحديث البيانات

  *في حالة عدم استيفاء النموذج سوف يتم تعليق جميع خدمات المجلس لحين استيفاء النموذج

Board of Directors   
Export Council for Building Materials 
 Established by a Ministerial Decree No. 229 of 2020- Ministry of Trade and Industry .
It is a service regulatory framework for the exporters and producers in all building materials, refractories, metallurgical industries, construction sectors, included :   
Marble and Granite - wooden furniture - Metallurgy industries - Ceramics - Chemicals Building Materials - Costume Jewelry - Insulation Pipes - castings, metal - Cement - refractories - glass - quarries materials - Sanitaryware and mixers - Brick and tile - plastic - walls ready - Domes and Bishop outstanding - Contracting - Steel... .
 Growth of Egyptian Exports in Building Materials Sector. 


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